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Mission Statement:

We combine academic, research, employment and private practice experience and professional training skills with ETM TRT in order to cure Veterans affected by terrorism and combat caused trauma and PTSD 100% of the time subsequently changing clinical treatment, crisis manager and public attitudes to expect combat caused PTSD to be cured 100 of 100 presenting cases qualifying for ETM TRT application. Our program is led by Deborah Brehm



Deborah Brehm’s academic and professional credentials include

1. Education Specialist (EdS), from Georgia State University’s Doctoral Program, with a Specialization in Psychological Trauma.
2. Masters of Science (MS) in Rehabilitation Counseling from Georgia State Univ.
3. State of Georgia: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).
4. Certified Etiotropic Trauma Management, Trauma Resolution Therapy Counselor.
5. Licensed ETM TRT Trainer for training counselors.
6. Trained as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, originally created under the 1917 Smith Hughes Act for the treatment of WWI veterans with war disabilities, and then later expanding with Americans with Disabilities Act to include all persons with every kind of disability.

Mrs. Deborah Brehm is a Georgia State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and trainer of Etiotropic Trauma Management™ Trauma Resolution Therapy™ (ETM TRT). She has three wonderful daughters and her husband, Mr. Brehm, all sharing their home in Georgia. Deborah has a Masters degree from Georgia State University in Rehabilitation Counseling, as well as a Specialist Degree from GSU’s Doctoral program in psychological trauma.The “Specialist Degree” – designation means that she has completed all class requirements of the doctoral program, but has decided to not pursue the dissertation component until she has completed her current project, described below. Therein, Deborah is extending what her academic research and clinical replication testing applications have shown from her academic and post scholarly research and clinical managements and applications to be not only the best trauma management model, Etiotropic Trauma Management™ and its clinical treatment partner Trauma Resolution Therapy™ (ETM TRT), but as also the only complete cure for psychological trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) available to America’s military and support service men and women adversely influenced by combat or other sources of trauma causing events. She also has just finished considerable research in the arena of psychological trauma’s neurobiology. Deborah considers that specialty of academic research and practical application to be in the most need of replicating scholarly work. It is to that challenge that her dissertation responds.
Mrs. Brehms’ career began at the Department of Labor in Clayton County as a vocational rehabilitation counselor. During her work with voc rehab, Clayton Behavioral Health Center’s Adult Mental Health Program recruited Deborah introducing her to the professional application world of providing continuous psychotherapy. That employment exposed her to numerous models applied to virtually all of the mental health disorders, including her career specialty of PTSD, requiring typical care and treatment by the facility. Strengthening her already growing tree of knowledge professionally inculcated, Deborah transferred to the Psychiatric Emergency Program at Atlanta Medical Center where she provided local communities with a broad range of psychiatric clinical and case management services. The components of these services included outreach, assessment, near term treatment, crisis intervention, consultation, and referral, facilitating her integration with the wide path of options leading to the best cares in the industry. Following substantial time invigorated with profound learning and clinical application activity, Deborah had her second daughter. Then having two young children to raise, she exited the institutional clinical delivery approach, establishing her career into private practice. It was initiated and conducted for the clinical treatment of individuals, marriages and families. She conducted the practice with substantial numbers of people affected by psychological trauma. The practice had multiple sites located in Stockbridge, McDonough, Locust Grove, and Griffin Georgia.
Her passion for understanding and then helping people affected by trauma led to the research and study of ETM TRT. Satisfying that level of understanding, she entered and successfully completed The ETM TRT Training School and Professional Certification Program. After establishing certainty of support within the literature reviews and research for the authors’ work and their referenced model, and then following the theoretical and practical development of ETM TRT provided in the school and its textbooks, Deborah then administered the model within her practice to those clients who met the criterion required for application. At the conclusion of her reviews of the ETM TRT author’s literature research, development through application, comparison, contrast and tests eventually to span an 11 year period, Deborah determined that not only did ETM TRT completely resolve psychological trauma, but that its theory was sequitur, immutable, and as she heard numerous others say even “beautiful.” Deborah concluded as she originally thought unbelievable, the model did provide, without interference or any influences by pharmacological, Nosotropic, hypnosis or re exposure through psychodrama therapies, a cure, so thorough and complete that it would be unfathomable that anyone who did not observe or administer its facilitation could believe that a level of psychological reinstatement could be achieved by the most severely of traumatized people. Mrs. Brehm contacted the author of the model and requested to be trained as a trainer in ETM TRT™. Her request was granted and she immediately began an intense study program, working diligently, according to her trainer the ETM TRT author Jesse Collins, and directly with that authority in a virtual environment for eighteen months. In January 2008, Mrs. Brehm was certified as a trainer of ETM TRT™. She immediately began to and still does contact various Veteran oriented government programs to achieve one of and now her most current and pressing goal. It is to ensure that the recommendations from the Dole-Shalala Report of July 2007, which states the “DoD and VA must rapidly improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of both PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI),” be met with the implementation, via her tutoring and study, of Etiotropic Trauma Management™ and Trauma Resolution Therapy™. Deborah Brehm follows the ETM TRT motto developed especially for ETM TRT’s application to our valiant military service men and women:
“They gave everything for us! We do the same for them!”