Services for Fayetteville, GA

The services we offer include specialized programs that have been researched and designed to meet the needs of veterans and their families as the most comprehensive system of treatment our nation has to offer. Those services are underpinned by the most valued credentials, a strong background and history dating back 30 years to beginnings of ETM TRT’s development. And a never-ending dedication to quality care for our veterans and their families offer a truly congruent holistic approach, rarely available in the community of veteran care.


Our therapists include some of the finest academically and professionally trained trauma specialist in the country, with additional credentials in virtually all aspects of psychological mental health care. They have substantial experience with not just combat trauma, but virtually every source of trauma affecting veterans and their families. To that end, combat trauma and loss are not our only specialty. Addressing family issues related to absence of military spouses for such long duration as have been seen in the recent wars, often involving not just one but multiple tours of duty, create true needs for adjustment upon return. Each of these clinicians are also ETM TRT Trained and Certified by the ETM Certification Authority.


In addition to our clinical staff, we have a special complement that supports our facility’s services and complete operations. We are very proud to announce that the authors of ETM TRT, Jesse Collins and Nancy Carson, and their Master ETM TRT Trainer for the past 25 years, Craig Carson, himself a trainer of over 2000 professional clinicians with credentials extending from Licensed Professional Counselors, Family and Marital Therapists, Military Chaplains, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, Clinical Psychologist, and Psychiatrists, offer consultation for the development and design of American Veterans PTSD Treatment Centers. Every single one of those clinicians have become certified as ETM TRT professionals, providing trauma treatment services to trauma victims throughout the United States and other countries. But for the best credentials of all, the designer, developer, principal researcher and writer for the model, Jesse Collins, is a long term veteran of the Vietnam War. His combat history attending his dedicated service with the United States Marine Corps from 1964-1970 and that service’s influences on ETM TRT development and application to combatants is documented in detail within the ETM TRT educational literature. It is available for your review and study in hard copy texts books for training psychotherapists and online within the ETM Tutorial. A letter of reference, located at the end of the home page, from the Department of Defense PTSD Study Group explains the great value of ETM TRT to veterans and EMS personnel, representing this model as the “best trauma treatment and management model available in the country.”